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Our Story

It starts way back, as a young couple (yes we are high school sweethearts) we liked to drive around the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and dream about having a barn someday. We imagined taking an old, sway-backed barn giving it some love and making it a place to live.  As time went on this dream collided with another. Surinda’s study of Ayurveda grew a desire to create a space for healing, growth and rejuvenation.


We bought our house on the hill in 2012- and yes, there was an old barn out back that needed some care. Our home soon became lovingly called “the Roost”. A perfect place for Surinda’s collection of roosters and Dave’s growing interest in “nest building”. Five years later, it was time to raise the old roof off the barn and get started on our dream. Through Dave’s ingenuity the old barn quickly became a perch that looks out over the neighboring Adirondacks.

It took blood, sweat and tears, our own and those of family and friends but our dream has begun.


Our doors are open to our own community and to those that have traveled from near and far. The Roost is a space that promotes life, longevity and joy in the splendor of the Green Mountains.  



Enjoy a relaxing visit to our little house in the big woods.  Enjoy Adirondack views, get outside on our trails, join a yoga class with Surinda, hike or ski Mt. Mansfield or head into Burlington for a day in the Queen City.  

Living Room
Full Living Room
Full Living Room
Den and Loft Bed
Loft Bed
Tea Cups
Tea Nook
Landing Mandala
Bathroom Sink
Three-Headed Shower


Surinda’s yoga class is a gentle, calming, restorative practice. This practice will guide you through breathwork with subtle movement and postures that will begin to shift patterns of physical stagnation, release emotional holding, and calm an overactive mind. Self-awareness and clearing of the subtle channels will promote self healing, love and gratitude.



Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life.

Ayurveda identifies the root of the problem and solutions that will promote self-healing naturally. It establishes an understanding of your individual body type and its current imbalances based on the fundamental principles of the five elements. Address skin problems, weight issues, sleep challenges, digestive complaints, joint pain, emotional imbalance and more through consultation and bodywork.

Check our calendar for chances to learn, share, and grow with us.

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