In 2015, Surinda and Dave heard Nipun Mehta speak at a conference in India. Mehta “is the founder of ServiceSpace (formerly Charity Focus), an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of volunteerism, technology and gift-economy” (TED).  The root of Mehta’s idea for a better world is offering goods and services to the community out of genuine generosity to make everyone’s lives better. Consumers compensate the seller as they see the value of the service and as they are able, paying it forward so everyone in the community is able to access services and valuable services are supported. Mehta calls this idea “Giftivism” and defines it as “the practice of radically generous acts that change the world” (TED). Giftivism and generosity economies build community and work to creating a world where 100% of the population is supporting one another out of compassion.


Inspired by his talk, Surinda and Dave decided to model services offered at The Roost in Mehta’s theory of “Giftivism”. In an effort to make wellness accessible and provide valuable services to the community we call home, there are no prices on our services. When you attend a class, workshop or recieve a service at The Roost, the price you pay is up to you. It may differ from visit to visit, but our doors are always open.


To hear Nipun Mehta speak on giftivism and the power of generosity, click below.

Designed for Generosity